Restore Versions Query


I need to restore a lot of files which got removed accidentally yesterday, and I just need to double check how the Restore Versions currently works:

  • In the Restore Versions window, there’s a Filter by date option. Does this refer to the date that the files were moved into the versioning folder?
  • In going for Select latest version then Restore on the appropriate folders: does this put the latest versions of the contained files back into their appropriate folders, and strip the versioning timestamp off the filenames?


  1. Yes
  2. Depends, if there is no file in the destination, then yes, but if there already exists a file in the destination, then it would archive the file that’s already there first, and restore the version you selected.

I’d still back up and proceed with caution, because I am not sure how battle tested that code path is.

Hi Audrius:

Many thanks - I will proceed with caution, and backups aplenty. :wink:

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