Restore Versions not working for specific folder

We have a setup of around 15 user machines sharing around 10 folders. One of our users must have accidentally deleted the majority of the files in a folder. I assume, while adding the the folder share to an already existing folder with a different set of files, but that’s beside the point.

Of course, i have the staggered versioning enabled on my machine and also on some central, always-on device in our network. Unfortunately, for this specific folder, the version restore does not seem to work on either machine.

In the Restore Version window, there is no drop down shown besides the list of file versions.

When i look at the Restore Version window for a different folder, the drop downs are being shown.

The list of deleted files is quite long (~1480 files). Is the error possibly related to the length of the list?

I will write a script to restore the files, so no trouble there. Just wondering what’s going on, thanks :slight_smile:

No idea, but if you give a couple of samples of how the files actually look on disk maybe we can deduce something. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot of the folder for which the restore is not working:

Here again for the folder, which is working:

Attached is also a list of all filenames in the .stversions of the misbehaving folder. There are subfolders in the .stversions. This list does not contain the names of files in the subdirectories. Let me know, if you need those as well.

filelist.txt (65.2 KB)

Have you tried waiting for a while (e.g. a few minutes) for the files to load? This part of the Restore Versions modal is known to be slow, especially when loading a large list of files.

Hi Tomasz,

yes, i have. In fact, it’s been open since i sent that last comment. Still, no drop down.

What haven’t mentioned before is, the date picker for the bottom right field Filter by date doesn’t come up either.
Maybe that’s another clue…

Yeah, not sure. I created all the files from your file list, and the restore dialog works on my computer.

Do you get any errors in the Javascript console in the browser?

Yes, there might be something there:

A error came up on the javascript console, so i saved the log.

Let me know if that helps.
Else i will try and reproduce the situation again.

I’m guessing that means more tree levels than the tree thing can visualize; so problem isn’t files in the root directory, but too deep a structure…

Slight addition: on MacOS it seems to be somewhat browser specific. Safari has no issues (edit: can just handle more - Safari also errors out sooner or later), any other browser falls over it with a Maximum call stack size exceeded error.

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Ok, so i’ve deleted the subdirectories in the .stversions folder and restarted syncthing.
I tried again and basically got the same error message:

can it not be unfucked once it was fucked?

i just checked in the copy i pulled:
there was at most one degree of depth in the subdirectories of the .stversions

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