restore previos configuration on win 10

I had a working Syncthing on my computer on external disk. After apgrading the motherboard and the OS I run the Syncthing from the same disk. But when I open the GUI - the configuration is empty.

What can I do to get the old configuration back?

Thank you. David.

Did you backup your configuration before upgrading the OS? If yes, you can restore that, if no, you need to set up from scratch.

You need to recover files (*.pem & config.xml) from previous %localappdata%\Syncthing directory. Just type this string as is in Windows Explorer places bar or whatever the name is nowadays: this will show you the current path. Then search in Users folder for the profile used before and dig into it to a similar path.

Shutdown ST and replace the 5 files. A little bit of knowledge your OS is expected (Users, profiles, Explorer … all this would help you to recover many other configurations)

BTW : this is very well explained in ST documentation

No - I didnt know I could… :frowning: I still have the old OS disk since I used an M2 ssd to install the new one. I could try to boot from it and then see if I see the old configuration and do a backup, But I think I would just copy the configuration files - Do you think it will work?

No need to boot it. Just plug and dig

Of course, no booting it won’t make by magic that %localappdata% will direct to the old disk ;-). This is just the track. Take a look at the doc for the real path which will be OK but the drive letter.

[Ooops] : Simon yet gave the link :sunny:

Should I point the new installation to the old one? or replace the current files?

This is what happend when I use the Home switch: AfterUsingHomeSwitch.txt (121.5 KB)

It started working then stopped.

panic: creating temporary directory: mkdir C:\DiskD\SyncThing\Syncthing\tmp-index-sorter.525657718: The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error.

You’re harddisk is likely dying.

My old disk is mapped into C:\DiskD that is folder in my new ssd in disk C:

  • I did chkdsk on the old disk without issues so I don’t think its a problem with my disk
  • I do think the problem could come from the fact that my new windows is x64 bit and the old one x32 bit.

Now when I run Syncthing I get: Now.txt (693 Bytes)

I think that this was the last chkdsk this disk will make in its life :smile: It’s finally dead - I think…I have a backup of all the data - so no hard feelings

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