Restore from deleted should not re-upload

I have an issue here with files moving on one side. The other side deletes and re-uploads the files.

I have seen several threads on this topic, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but anyway, the two sides have some kind of file versioning turned on. This means that the deleted files are present at the side that requests them to be re-uploaded.

My request is that syncthing will detect that these files are already present at the versions folder, and simply copy the files from there instead of re-uploading.

You can add .sversions folders to syncthing as unshared folders which will then reuse the blocks found in those folders. Otherwise it does not reuse files from .stversions.

Did you mean .stversion? If not what’s .sversions?

Yes, I meant stversions

I tried to add the .stversions as an unshared folder. Trouble is .stversions/.stfolder is constantly being deleted.

What am I doing wrong?

What type of versioning are you using?

Does the versioning cleaner not exclude our internal names? I think it probably should.

Can’t remember on which machine I tried it on. It was either simple trash can or staggered. Which should I use?

There is an empty dir tracker to delete empty dirs, and guess what .stfolder is. Yet this should have been an issue before.

You can try to make it read only or owned by a different user so that syncthing couldn’t delete it.

It might as well always have been an issue, depending on the cleanup thing in use.

This seems like a very complex solution to a very simple problem. Why not hash the stversions folder as well?

I hope I won’t get kicked out of the forum for saying this, but resilio sync does that…

Sorry that this is a rant, and I guess I am starting to repeat myself across multiple threads in the recent days, but I tried to keep it as humane as possible.

We don’t have a company behind this, and nobody gets paid to work on this, it’s all volunteer contributions dedicating their time away from their families to work on this.

Telling us that a commercial product with full time developers does something does not suddently give me “yes, let me burn more of my own time, satisfy the complain of this guy on the forum, and get nothing in return” kinda feeling, pretty much the opposite, it kind of demoralises when you bring up the realisation that a paid for company with full-time developers are most likely always going to be ahead of us, and that we will have to repeatedly deal with people complaining that free stuff doesn’t do what the paid stuff does.

Sure, a paid for product does this, and you are free to use whatever software you seem fit for your purpose.

I do not disagree that it’s a sensible thing todo, there was a workaround previously so there was little motivation to do it. Now it doesn’t work (yet I suggested a workaround), yet I can’t think of a way to do that sensibly in the current code base. I guess we could do a band-aid to bring the old workaround back, which would be easy, but I can’t see an easy way to make this work out of the box.

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I’m truly sorry that it seemed like a complaint. It really wasn’t. I sincerely take it back - I truly meant no offense.

I’m aware of the difficulties of SW development, and I’m aware that resilio sync is a commercial product. I’m also aware that Syncthing is a work in progress.

My original intention of starting this thread was to find out if this is a known issue or not.

You, on the other side, could have also replied that this was a bug, a feature in the backlog, or simply a case that wasn’t handled.

You chose instead to blow off steam.

Don’t worry. I won’t uninstall Syncthing.

If you search the issue tracker for stversions, it’s the first ticket that comes up. It even has two alternative workaround to the issue you are experiencing.

Ok. I’ll do that.