Restarting Syncthing on Android keeps re-creating folder

Im having a very weird issue. I have a folder in the default dir called TWRP, i dont use TWRP anymore and havent been for many years.

There are some folders syncing from PC to Phone using the ignore patterns. TWRP used to be one of them years ago, but not anymore.

Heres the thing, i manually delete the folder TWRP on my phone and it goes away until i actually go and restart syncthing, then it gets recreated.

It doesnt get recreated when actually syncing folders. But ONLY when restarting syncthing. Even while all the folders are paused, and i restart syncthing, the folder reappears.

I thought this folder is being recreated by another program, but it seems it only happens during syncthing restart.

I checked in the logs on Syncthing (Android device) and i dont see any word with “twrp” in it.

Can you tell me why this is happening?

PS: there are no errors or unsynced items on either of the devices, everything else there is operating normally.

Im on the latest version on both linux and android. And its Send&Receive on both devices. Please help!

Update: This only happens when restarting Syncthing on Android only. On linux when restarting Syncthing, it doesnt recreate it on the phone.

Ive done some more tests by deleting that folder, and having killed the Syncthing app, keep it off for 2 days the folder never came back. When i started Syncthing again it got recreated.

There is nothing significant in the logs that i can see this is happening.

Anyone care to explain this strange phenomenon where Syncthing doesnt create the folder while general scanning between devices but only creates it while Syncthing STARTS UP?

Can any contributor please help me with this issue and tell me why there is a lingering folder that gets recreated ONLY ON ONE DEVICE?

Is there an issue with my DB on Android? Should i reset DB or reset Delta Indexes? Will this solve the problem? Will i lose data on either end if i do this?

please can someone reply?

Sorry I have no idea so far. Hope someone else will give you a better answer.


@calmh Would it be wise to reset DB or reset Delta Indexes? Will i lose any data on either end if i do this?

thanks in advance

The behaviour as described makes no sense to me, so I can’t say.

Have you looked in the Syncthing web GUI (on the phone), Advanced settings, expanding each section and looking for “twrp”? Alternatively, if you can find the config.xml file (I’m not sure where it is on Android), you could try searching that for twrp.

@calmh yes it doesnt make sense to me either, especially since i have removed that stubborn folder from the ignore pattern.

@JohnVeness Ive just looked in that advance section, i dont see it there. I havent checked the config.xml file yet.

These ignore patterns ive set to sync only specific folders from the phone, ive set them only on the PC and its been working fine so far (except for this weird dir that keeps returning). Do the same ignore patterns need to be set on the phone as well or is it not needed?

Apparently config.xml is in a place that cannot normally be accessed without root, however you can export a copy of it from the Syncthing Android menu.

Ok mystery solved (please don’t laugh)

I mustve been so stupid during my haste the past couple of days not to realize that i had an old device on my phone’s Syncthing that had a paused folder to the path /storage/emulated/0/TWRP. Even though this folder was paused (and the device was not), the folder “TWRP” (even though i kept deleting it) would be recreated when syncthing re-started.

Although now that im thinking of it, if a folder is paused, it shouldnt deliberately create any folder paths if they are missing their path and it shouldnt check for anything since the folders are on PAUSE mode.

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