REST API: Removing/adding same folderID causes "marker missing" error. Fixed by restarting Syncthing.

It appears that adding and removing the same folderId causes Syncthing to produce the infamous “Missing marker” error. The issue can be resolved by restarting the Syncthing server (see log output below):

Any ideas why?

Console output:

[ER7PQ] 14:27:07 INFO: Adding folder “SQN-13488A1395_project” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_project) [ER7PQ] 14:27:07 INFO: No stored folder metadata for “8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_project”; recalculating [ER7PQ] 14:27:07 INFO: Ready to synchronize “SQN-13488A1395_project” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_project) (sendonly) [ER7PQ] 14:27:07 INFO: Completed initial scan of sendonly folder “SQN-13488A1395_project” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_project) [ER7PQ] 14:27:09 INFO: Adding folder “SQN-13488A1395_output” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_output) [ER7PQ] 14:27:09 INFO: Ready to synchronize “SQN-13488A1395_output” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_output) (receiveonly) [ER7PQ] 14:27:09 INFO: Failed initial scan of receiveonly folder “SQN-13488A1395_output” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_output) [ER7PQ] 14:27:09 WARNING: Error on folder “SQN-13488A1395_output” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_output): folder marker missing (this indicates potential data loss, search docs/forum to get information about how to proceed) [ER7PQ] 14:27:12 INFO: Device XXXXX folder “SQN-13488A1395_project” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_project) has a new index ID (0x434D202F4EB1E50F) [ER7PQ] 14:27:13 INFO: Device XXXXX folder “SQN-13488A1395_output” (8671874d57b6f1d21d1adf981c6e3558_output) has a new index ID (0x00FCE3D99C97A25B)



Not really. Removing the folder removes the marker. Adding a folder creates the marker (or it would never work to add a folder). Maybe there’s some timing thing where it hasn’t completed removing the folder at the point you add it back, or something. (Why are you doing that?)

We integrated Syncthing into our product. In our product, users upload/download content based on project folders. Users have the option to add/remove project folders at will. Sometimes users would add/remove folders at will and use the same folder path (which we MD5 hashed to create the folderId).

To resolve this issue, we created a different MD5 hash (based on different criteria) to get around the issue.

I just wanted to point this out in case others were experiencing the same issue.



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