REST API pause/unpause individual folders?

What is the current way to pause/unpause specific folders via the REST API?

It’s not in the docs, but it was suggested elsewhere that the docs are out of date and I should ask at the forum. I found this thread (REST API: rest/system/pause?FOLDER functionality - Does it exist or how to implement?) but it’s more than 2yrs old, and mentioned that the API might be overhauled per here ( I’m presuming the current approach has therefore changed.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s still a property of the config, so updating the config pauses or unpauses the folder.

So there’s no way to do it with one direct POST, if you already know the individual folder ID? i.e. you have to:

  1. GET /rest/system/config
  2. Parse results & find the folder
  3. Append “paused”: true
  4. POST /rest/system/config ?

Yes. Or you can use the CLI which makes manipulating the config easier.

Is the CLI available on Android? (I’m trying to manipulate it with Tasker.)

Not out of the box. Perhaps you could compile it, but I am not even sure how you’d use it.

Yeah, so I guess doing the whole parsing thing is probably the easier option for now.

Thanks for the replies.