REST API differences between 10.21 - 10.29?

I am on a team developing an app that is using syncthing to share files between a host machine and it’s docker containers. I have some questions regarding the REST api.

One of the core pieces of functionality I’m working with is taking two syncthing instances (one on the host machine and the other inside a docker container) getting the config via the REST API, and subscribing both instances to each other by adding the devices and folders to the config and then posting it back.

I have two questions.

    • I see that 11-beta4 was released this morning. Do you have any ETA of when 11 will become stable? I saw in a previous post it was said when things were stable for a week. Does this mean after a duration of a week without a new beta update?
    • When trying to upgrade from 10.21 to 10.29 the REST API seems to break in a way I can’t figure out. The error I get gives me a GO number parsing error. Can you tell me what might have changed with the REST API from those two versions?

Thank you,

  • Benjamin

The changelogs have the changes, but having the actual error would help.

No, it’s a bit more arbitrary than that. When we have a good feeling about it. :wink:

Looks like two API calls were added, but nothing should have changed to break compatibility. Seeing the actual error is essential, here.