Resolving "Out of Sync"

I recently added another device to my Synching setup. Since then one of the devices is indicating “Out of Sync” on one of my folders.

All other devices indicate that the folder that is out of sync is “Up To Date” on all of the other devices.

Looking for a suggestion/recommendation on the steps that I need to perform to resolve my syncing issue.

Is a simple “Remove” and re-add on all devices all that is required?

Help appreciated.


Most often this is caused by access permissions not being stored correctly on the device’s file system. Please tell us what operating systems and file systems are involved. Or just try out the “Ignore Permissions” advanced folder option.

And do have a look at the list of items that are affected. It may point to some common problem like forbidden file names.

Your comments are most welcome, but I’m afraid that I don’t understand what you are requesting or where to find my response.

The “problem” computer is an Apple MacBook Pro. It is running Mac OSX v.11.7.3. It has an SSD and I think the file system is APFS.

This computer was fine until I added a new computer to my home network which was populated from an Apple Time Machine backup of the machine that is now “Out of sync”.

What does “Ignore Permissions” do?

Why would forbidden file names suddenly be the possible cause?

I did not change anything on the “problem” computer.


I searched the computer that is “Out of Sync”.

There are 12 items that are marked as “Failed Items”.

The message states - The following items could not be synchronized. They are retried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved.

All of the files have the message - “directory has been deleted on a remote device but is not empty; the contents are probably ignored on that remote device, but not locally.”

All of the files reported are identified as being in a .Trash folder and I am not able to find any of the mentioned folders, such as - “ScanSnap_Home/.Trash” , etc.

Help appreciated.

Folders starting with a dot in their name are usually hidden folders. You may need to enable some option in your file browser / explorer to show them.

I understand what you said, but I’ve been using Synching for several years with no problem until I incorporated a new computer to my home network and then an existing computer suddenly started reporting that it was “Out of Sync”.

Trying to determine the steps needed to be performed to resolve the issue.

Do you have any ignore patterns configured on any of the devices?

Since I don’t know how to configure Syncthing to ignore patterns (or view them if I had), so my answer would be - no, I do not have any ignore patterns configured.

Well it’s hard to debug this with rather little information. What is the real situation with the listed paths? Do they exist at all? On which devices? On which not? Have they existed in the past?

The error message about the out of sync items is rather clear: There is a directory with files in it that Syncthing doesn’t have in its database (only reason for that I can see is that they are ignored). That directory was removed on some remote device. The Syncthing instance that’s complaining about it sees a non-empty directory which it will cautiously avoid to delete unless it has itself deleted any files in there.

Sorry this is going a bit slowly, but I just don’t get a good enough picture of the situation yet to pinpoint what is wrong.

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