Resolve sync conflicts by treating one host as master copy

I added a new host to syncthing sharing recently by first copying all files to the new host (via rsync) and then configuring it for syncthing sharing. This worked for most files, but some ~30k files amounting to 3.24G of data is saying it’s out of sync. I’m not sure how this happened. I’m happy to treat one host as the “definitive” copy and treat discrepancies on other hosts as incorrect. Is there a way to do this? I looked through the FAQ and documentation but didn’t see anything. It’s 30k files so I don’t want to do this by hand. I’d also rather not have to write a script to search through all the files on my filesystem for conflicts and update it that way.

Conflicts and out of sync are separate issues. Sounds you are having out of sync issues and not conflicts.

Suggest you try to remove the folders on both sides, re-add them, and leave syncthing in peace until it gets in sync (i.e., do not restart it).

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Thanks very much for the help with this.

I looked into this a bit more closely and the fault was of my own doing: there were a number of files in my home directory owned by root on one computer and my user on another machine (I’m not sure how that happened, though) and syncthing was being run as my user. So, it wasn’t able to change ownership of files/directories from root to my user, hence the out of sync issues. Changing these manually to be owned by my user (which was ok in all cases), resolved the issue.

I did also have a few sync conflicts, which I resolved manually. I’m not entirely sure how these happened, but I probably did something incorrectly.

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