Reset User name and password (windows)

I have installed Syncthing on 3 different Window PCs on 2 it is working great but on the third device I went to start the application up and it is asking for a password on the GUI browser (chrome) but I may have mis-typed the password when configuring and now I can’t get access.

I have looked online how to reset the password but it is not 100% clear to me how to access the config file.

Can you advise on the steps I need to take.

Your help is appreciated


Please check for the specific location. You should be able to open config.xml (e.g. with a plain text editor) and clear the password in there. It will be in the gui section somewhere at the bottom of the file.

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Or use the syncthing generate --gui-password option from the command line if you don’t want to fiddle around in XML files. See Syncthing — Syncthing documentation

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Hi, Thanks for your help.

Just to let you know it’s all sorted now.


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