Reset Folder on ComputerB - push one time master

Good day all. Last week I had an issue where ComputerA would complain that ComputerB was out of sync. No matter how much poking, nothing seemed to work that great to fix it. Many thanks for the support on the forums thus far - didnt work for me.

My question would be, is there a function to push out all sync from ComputerA to ComputerB as to reset the sync? ComputerB is my laptop where I want a local copy of what ComputerA has, but the only way I fixed this was to kill off the shared folder on ComputerB and resync from scratch. Id think there would be a way to do this without doing all that?

Many thanks

You can remove the folder from both sides and readd it, which should fix it. It’s a sad workaround until we hunt down the reporting issue.

Have you verified that the other side considers itself in sync?

Yes, computerB is happy and thinks all is good. Ill update in a few days when the new version comes out, should be better then.

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