Resend Invite Button

I have 2 devices and I kept missing the invites which appear in orange on the web gui (don’t ask, I pressed the wrong button! sigh)

Sure, I can add them maually but it would be really nice to have a button on the web gui for [Resend Invite] which would then make the orange coloured window appear on the other device.

I tried restarting both devices and refreshing the web gui page a few times but the invite never came :slightly_frowning_face:

A button would be really nice.


Resend has no meaning as it’s ignored from the other side. We should expose the list of ignored things to be more easily accessible, but to be honest, it’s not rocket science to add devices/folders manually.

Agreed, it’s not difficult to set folders up manually but it would be a neat feature to be able to press a button and have the invite pop up.

With regard to your comment about ‘ignored from the other side’, why does it occur in the first place and if I have already selected the device to use that folder then surely the device can be ‘seen’ and ‘respond’ to my button press?!


I’m not sure I understand what you are refering to.

A shares F with B, B ignores A’s request to share F, no matter what you press or do on A, B will keep ignoring it, so you have to unignore it on B.

Sorry for the confusion.

I am referring to the orange coloured box which appears when you share a folder with a device and that device shows this orange box on the web gui.

It definitely only happens on the device you want to share the folder with.

So, Device A does not ignore the request - it show it!

For example, to use your letters…

  • Device A
  • Device B
  • Device C
  1. Device A shares folder (F) with Device B
  2. After a while, Device B gets an invite on the web gui
  3. Device C does not get the invite
  4. I do not press the Accept button on Device B
  5. I wait but the invite orange box does not appear again on Device B
  6. I go back to Device A web gui, and press ‘Send Invite’ button
  7. After a while, Device B gets an invite on the web gui
  8. I press Accept button on Device B
  9. Finished!

Like I agreed before, yes I can do it manually (reading the 11 character Folder ID) but it would be nice to have the easy ‘Send Invite’ button.

The invitation obviously happens because I see it on Computer B but if for some I refresh or close that web browser tab the invite disappears.

Now do you see what I mean?


:slight_smile: Paully

The folder is shared on every new connection, so you normally get a new invite message after reconnect.

But of cause not, if you ignored the invite on device B. In which case B will ignore any attempt of A to share F, and there is nothing A can do about it. This is probably what happened.


They mean clicked on the ignore button in the orange banner.

I have accidentally done it a few times, it is kind of annoying.

@kluppy does have a point. “Ignore” button may be understood by less attentive user as “ignore for now, and deal with it later”.

Maybe change the wording to “Ignore forever”, or something in that spirit?

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This is what happened to me. I didn’t know that the ignore button would forever ignore the device.

If there was some way to see a list of ignored devices to have the possibility to remove them, that would be amazing, QOL improvement.

Where can I edit the file to stop ignoring this device?

The list of ignored devices/folders is in the settings dialog, where you can remove them.


I can’t believe I missed it, I even looked twice at the settings before I decided to make an account to report this. Thank you for showing me I was wrong.

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