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I cannot understand the purpose of Rescans for the folders of 'Receive only" type. Do I have to manually turn off Rescans for such folders? Or Rescans are still required and Syncthing will not work correctly without Rescans on 'Receive only" folders?

I currently use 'Recieve only" folders to sync ‘DCIM’ folder content from Android device to server. There is one to one relation: ‘Send Only’ folder on Android device which sync to ‘Receive Only’ folder on server. And folder on server is read only for some clients (Plex), but has read write access for some other (Samba). So, if file will be removed on server, Syncthing will fetch file from Android device again? What if file will be changed on server? Conflict will arise?

I have had the same thoughts for some time. Maybe the scans are useful just to make sure that no local changes have made it to the folder? I personally still have my “Receive Only” folders set to be scanned, but only once every 24 hours.

No. Server gets out-of-sync, revert button appears. See before.

For more info see this blog post, especially the second paragraph: Syncthing — Receive Only Folders — Kastelo Inc.

Internal database is the source of truth and Rescan is used to find not only changes to sync but also inconsistencies (between database and file system). Right?

Yes, if you change files, rescans are the things that tell others about changes to the files (or the fact that you no longer have a valid version).

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I don’t understand what you try to distinguish: (Re)scans update the db to represent the filesystem. Whether that results in any action (e.g. updated global state and thus syncing, or local additions on a receive-only folder and thus a revert button, or errors displayed because the fs can’t be accessed) depends on both what changed in the filesystem and the configuration of Syncthing.

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