Rescan Interval(s) - Used for scan delay?

I’m looking for a way for Syncthing to not scan in real time. Rescan Interval sounds like it should do the trick, but even if I put an interval of 1800 seconds, the scan is constant as soon as a change is made. Either it does not work, or I’m not aware of how this feature works…or both.

The reason why I’d like this is because I’m trying out Syncthing for a small network where users use Thunderbird and I’d like to sync it daily just a few times. Basically as a daily backup. If it scans during the day, it will constantly scan throughout the entire day. One can wonder why I would use Syncthing for this purpose. Well it seems to work great and it’s also syncing their personal files. I’d rather not use 2 different software.

Any thoughts?

So you must be using synctrayzor, android app or some other addon on top as syncthing doesn’t do that by itself.

Also, using syncthing for backups is a terrible idea, as it goes corrupt, the corruption will get replicated.

Also syncthing Thunderbird is full of pain if I remember, since the database is locked when Thunderbird is in use.

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