Rescan interval independent of files added to the folder?

If a file is added to monitored folder does that reset the rescan interval? Or is the interval independent of file operations in the operating system in the the background?

For example, if, during the process of adding, say 20 files to folder, the rescan interval is reached midway, will 10 files migrate to the other PC(s) at that moment, and the other 10 at the next interval?

The rescan is there to detect the additions, so yes, you technically could end up with a situatuon where 10 files are added in one batch, 10 in another. But you can force a rescan once you know you added the files.

The interval is independent and has a small variance to prevent all folders rescanning at the same time.


Also have a look at GitHub - syncthing/syncthing-inotify: File watcher intended for use with Syncthing (Linux, BSD, Windows, OSX) :wink: