[REQUEST/SUGGESTION] Create a Telegram discussion group.

Hi, I’d like to suggest you to create a group (and a channel for relevant follow-up updates/announcements maybe) on Telegram Messenger for overall discussion and quick support with volunteers from the community.

Public groups are easy to create and manage. As I’ve been hanging out there for a while I can give you some tips about how to set it up and keep it going later on.

Some people complain about Telegram’s security, but so far I haven’t seen flaws on it. If you bother about Telegram, then I suggest a Discord group.

Keep up the good work. :wink:



Nice idea, but on my opinion the forum is enough. Messengers may be introducing a higher rate of “unclean” or “incomplete” submitted bug reports. We would have to monitor another platform then. Let’s see what the others think.


IMHO the forum is a very good place, having realtime chat is only convient when syncthing was a company with payed support or developers who like to hang around. All maintainers and contributors do this (almost) free. You are also free to setup a none-official chatroom somewhere. There are so many places to hangout (slack, discord, telegram, gitter, irc …) and most people don’t have the time to keep track of them all. The forum is more structured and is managed in a clean way by the community.


We have IRC for realtime chats, and anyone can join from a wide variety of clients, including various web UIs, without needing to create an account or anything. I don’t see the need to add Telegram on top of that.


I must admit I love the simplicity of GUI of telegram too !!

But I must agree, that one place for official support is simpler for everyone.

I tend to also use some Linux product ( Distro) telegram support channel when I want a quick answer as I am under the impression that CHAT = FASTER REPLY, but at the end of the day, forum will offer the same and are better structured./Focus…

Sometime a CHAT discussion can become confusing and a forum topic / thread only have information about the specific topic/question

JF BTW there is a discourse mobile app that is not too bad… I am using it for 3 products discourse forum I am using weekly

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We do already have a realtime chat channel - IRC, and it’s linked in the header of this forum.


1st of all, thank you for bringing this thread up.

So, as @calmh asked, I give you the answer:

As the title of this thread suggests, it is meant for overall discussion. Not that I’m trying to imitate other communities, such as XDA, Reddit Android sub, YouTube Vanced, Blokada, but it’s a “trending” platform that certain projects/communities have been using that is user friendly.

You guys are correct about already having IRC as a IM platform. I’m just saying that Telegram could be a neat friendly UI, while IRC is a bit “old-school” and limited for me. It kinda remembers me the times of MySpace, ICQ and MSN Messenger times.

I’m NOT telling that IRC is outdated (mostly because some people still use it until today), but it’s kinda dead there. Fyi, I’ve been trying to reach people to help out with some contribution, but I had to do the researches all on my own.

That is, many users are just afk’ing hanging out there and you don’t get the whole story. And that’s where Telegram comes in: it’s all in the cloud, so you can read older discussions at anytime you’d like to.

Besides there are thousands of features you could make use to give examples of your issues/errors/problems. (Voice/video messages, instant picture sharing, bots to aide people with lots of features, cloud-based, unlimited cloud storage, unique private @username alias [not revealing your real phone #], etc.)

As I already said: it’s a place for discussion, so people that are still interested into more specific support, would come here or on GitHub, creating a new thread or issue.

Also, I’m not asking for the official staff care about it specifically (only if you want to), but it’s just another way to get better help with community volunteers, as I mentioned in OP.

If you don’t mind at all, I can create the public group and give the admin rights for people that are interested in taking proper care of it.

What do you say?

You are free to create whateer community you deem neceserry to yourself, yet that doesn’t mean we will participate. I already have plenty of sources of headaces, so the last thing I want is someone triggering notifications on my phone or video calling me for support. No chance on getting me on there.


Yeah… So I’m unconvinced that a more realtime medium is a win here. IRC doesn’t work very well because people drop in, ask a question, then lose patience and leave because noone to answer it was looking precisely at that time. The forum doesn’t have that problem. Telegram either does have that problem, in which case it’s not better than IRC, or it doesn’t in which case it’s roughly equivalent to the forum. The forum is “soft realtime” in that threads you’re looking at auto-refresh etc.

IRC has one thing going for it in that everyone is more comfortable bullshitting in a mostly non-archived medium that doesn’t have a strict on-topic policy. (The “general” category here could work for that to.)

As for the extra features like voice, video, etc. this is not something I personally desire (at all) so it’s not something I’d consider an advantage.


agree 400% with everything… JF FUNNY, I went on the syncthing IRC 2 hours ago, ask a question, no answers, then I left… Exactly like you described

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Yeah I saw your question, tried a tab completion of your nick, concluded the usual pattern. :wink:


So the conclusion is a better place to ask a question and come back in N time :wink:. And don’t underestimate the friendliness of the community over here!

Alright, sorry for the delay. I’ve just created and set up a few things first.

This is the link of the group:

Hope to see you guys there. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: don’t forget to announce it somewhere people can find to join. It’s up to you where you want to place this link. :+1:

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