Request for Survey Questions to Build Online Survey for Product

Don’t worry - this product is stilll free… we just need some feedback for development to et it done sinnc3.

I just created a survey monkey account with a couplle of questions… if feel so inclined,please post any 'features’you’d like to see included in the next release of this Syncthing, and what questions you’d like to see on a suvey in order to target product development. What are you concerns? Do you wnt all your drives to copy to oneanother? Is your hrd drive almost full locally so you want some extra storge somoewhere else?

Any and al questions and coments, please put them here . i think itwill help prioritize the user storiesand select what are going into the MVP, andwhat will belater updates.

You can also add lrger questions abou the Cloud ingeneral… Wed like to knowifyou havve accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox, andall those, andif so, how much spaace are you using.

Would you ever stream movies from yoyur virtual cloud to you phone?

Do you use any loud services at home?

Do you use an coud servces at work?

Do you have a smartphone?

Do you want the ability to publish some of your files for others throuh special linkk you give them?

Do you want to have the ability to publish your files on bittorrent i?

What isyour opinionon bittorrent?

etc etc