REQ: Increase debug logging detail OR provide seperate logging of connections to RELAY and/or DISCOVERY server.

I’m mainly looking to get a single log line of an the device ‘ID’ & source IP address. This can be either be an enhanced ‘-debug’ output or separate dedicated logging option.

Suggested Relay log entry: 2019/06/01 06:54:48 listener.go:117: Message protocol.JoinRelayRequest from FIPVGGX-ZBIMM5D-DUHXJSA-P7U5SL5-4FM7AL6-3LQXYND-SICFP2O-XXXXXXX (

The part in parenthesis is the suggested portion, without or with it shouldn’t matter, just so it’s parse-able.

In the end, if I can’t ‘white list’ specific client-ids in my relay or discovery server, I can use Fail2Ban to ban IPs for unknown client-ids.