Reporting panics?

St restarted 10 minutes ago, seems to be related to

panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range [-2:]

panic-20200523-162435.reported - Copy.log (219.6 KB)

So out of curiosity should panics be reported these days, or is it just filling up the forum with unnecessary chatter?

This looks like it should be impossible, so feels more like bad hardware? Did you get this more than once?

Panics are now reported back to us, and I can only see 2 panics of this type related to this message. I guess it could happen if we modified the backing array of the message while it’s being sent, but glancing at the code it seems impossible.

I don’t recall this error before, but equally I just report them without understanding them. I think the last panic was under 1.4.0 rc1 and doubt it was for the same reason. Hardware should be fine, all new from March this year, USB drives are around 1 year old and not had any issues. St picked up from where it stopped, eg, no full rescanning of all the folders, just the ones it was working on before.

Only thing to mention is the drive it was scanning at the time has recently been recompressed and this evening I rescanned all the windows folders updating the case sensitivity feature of Windows. Just incase this has any relationship to the error.

Presumably the panic reporting doesn’t indicate the source, so you wouldn’t be able to chase up possible causes, so would you be happy for these forum updates to continue, assuming here that at least you can ask for possible reasons for the error.

No, the panic is either a bug in the code or hardware issue.

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