Replacing dead hard drive

We’ve been using Syncthing for around 6 months now to sync data between two locations. Unfortunately, the hard drive died on one end, but it was a secondary drive so the OS and Syncthing configuration are still good.

When we first set it up, it took over a week to finish synchronizing approximately 1.4TB of data. We now have over 2TB of data.

Is there any way to preload the data onto a new hard drive so Syncthing doesn’t have to start from nothing? I would like to just copy the entire sync folder on the computer with the old, good drive onto the new drive, and then install the new hard drive at the far end.


You can rsync the data onto the new drive just fine, but make sure that you remove the folder from syncthing before you reconnect the drive, and readd it back and let it rescan from zero after the drive is connected.

Also, you might want to set the other side as send-only for precaution.

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