Replacement for Synchronize It?

Have used Synchronize It for years. I’m using a flash drive to sync and pass between computers. Does SyncThing work in that way?

No, the only thing that Synchronize It and Syncthing have in common is that they can sync two folders with each other. But their feature sets, the way they function, and use cases are very different.

It’s possible to use Syncthing to sync files to/from a flash drive so that it can then be plugged into another computer for the same process, but it isn’t what it was designed for. Syncthing is best for devices that are reachable across a network connection.

If you’re looking to replace Synchronize It with something more modern and still supported, check out other on-demand file sync tools such as FreeFileSync, Unison, etc.

Although not a comprehensive list, some additional pointers:

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Great information.