Replace Synctrayzor with Pure Syncthing?

On my wife’s computer, I’ve got Synctrayzor set up. Since it appears to be abandoned (last activity about a year and a half ago), I’d like to replace Synctrayzor with just plain old Syncthing. Has anyone done this? Is there some process I should follow to keep the existing settings? Or, will any method of making the changeover require me to uninstall everything and start over from scratch?

You should be able to simply uninstall SyncTrayzor, then run the bare Syncthing binary and it will pick up the same configuration. However, while not updated very often, SyncTrayzor as it is just works, so if that’s the only reason to remove it, I’d personally advise to simply keep it (unless you’re experiencing other problems with it).

Having a tray icon to indicate that Syncthing is running is very handy. Of course, there can be cases where you want just the opposite, e.g. on school/office computers where you don’t want anyone to access and mess around with Syncthing configuration. This doesn’t appear to be the case here though.

Having that tray icon is exactly why I’m running that on her computer. Unfortunately, it’s (apparently) been having issues syncing. She’ll complain that her stuff hasn’t synced between her phone for days until she goes in and manually finagles with Synctrayzor. I figured moving her over to pure Syncthing might get rid of that issue. But, of course, the lack of a tray will probably irritate her.

I’ll have to think about this some more. But, thanks for the response.

Synctrayzor just runs the normal Syncthing, so the sync problems will probably not be fixed by removing Synctrayzor. We need to know what

means to be of more help :wink:

I’d double check that you’ve got file watching enabled in the folder settings, and also that the file watching inside SyncTrayzor itself is disabled. The wrapper has its own watcher that activates when you disable the one built into Syncthing, but you definitely don’t want both activated at the same time (if that’s even possible as I can’t check it right now).

I think the problem is (was?) on the phone’s Syncthing app. I just went through her settings. On the computer, Synctrayzor’s look fine. She recently moved to a new phone and I didn’t go through the settings in the app there after the migration. Starting Syncthing automatically on boot was turned off. I turned it on and hopefully that will get rid of the problem she was seeing.

You also need to disable battery optimization for the app (depending on the OEM, that might not be possible long term)

Not bulletproof but may prove useful.

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