Replace Android app icon with round Syncthing logo

This is completely superficial, but I like the circular Syncthing logo much better than the square “St” icon used for the Android app. I humbly request that the app icon be updated to the round logo.

Since this is my first post, I would like to say how I am really impressed with Syncthing so far. I have been hoping for an open-source alternative to Bittorrent Sync ever since it was published, and Syncthing is well on its way to being a frankly revolutionary app. What is really exciting to me is not so much the automagic file syncing itself (which is obviously great), but the myriad ways the protocol can be incorporated into other apps to enable all sorts of secure peer-to-peer communications (and without the need for an API key from a company)

Kudos to the core developers and other contributors!

I just saw the pull request from five days ago that updates the logo. You must have traveled back in time to fulfill my request, so thanks for that.