Reorganize destination directory based on date: year/month (for photos)

I’m currently using NextCloud to handle syncing my (Android mobile phone) photos and it has a nice feature that, if enabled, allows destination server folder remapping. The option reads like this in the mobile app Auto upload folder configuration preferences:

[Checkbox] "Use subfolders": "Store in subfolders based on year and month"

This is super nice because when all the Android photos are in one huge monolithic folder it reorganizes them on upload to a permanent server storage location (receive only). I have configured all my family’s mobile devices to use this same method so all our photos get organized into this same target directory year/month structure.

I just started playing around with Syncthing and I’m wondering if there’s any way to handle this same kind of functionality with it. From all the research I’ve done, it looks like it’s not possible; so, as a last attempt, I figured I’d ask in the forum. :wink:

No, syncthing doesn’t have that functionality.