Renamed folder causes error

Hi I renamed a folder from XXXX to ___XXXX and ST started throwing an error. It seems like it is looking for a particuilar file and it cant find it.

INFO Puller: unable to stat file stat /pathtoroot/XXXX/0.doc.bak~ no such file or folder.

Well sure there is no such a folder or a file because I renamed the folder to something else. However the weird thing is that it seem s like it is especially stuck on this particular file. I had other files in there and not picking on them.

The renaming and the error onccured on the same device which is Arm Linux version 11.13

Are you sure that’s the whole log line, as it seems to be missing a lot of stuff to be meaningfull. There’s already a bug for this, I think. I think the bak file was produced on some other machine, hence why the issue happens. A restart should fix it.


It was on a remote mobile device so I just eyeballed the most of the error.

The restart did not fix it actually. It seems like the renaming did not fully go ahead on one of the Linux nodes. The .bak file was still in the original folder on the linux device but that was the only file that was left in that folder on the Linux device.

So there were (on the Linux device)

XXXX –>0.doc.bak ___XXXX –>actual files and folders