rename diretory not updated on server

I have a send-only/receive-only setup (both ends are linux centos7) where i have tried renaming directories using mv command on the sending side which results in new directories being synced to recieve machine but old ones are not deleted from sync machine. Why are they not being deleted?

What is the status reported on both devices?

Both have status up to date and everything seems like it should be - but its not because directories still exists on the webserver

Can you post screenshots from both sides with that folder expanded?

I have some files like metadata.json in .stignore which means they dont get deleted on the server…so i am guessing that the directories are not being deleted because those files are in there… sounds plausible?

Can i just delete the directories manually without issues? (its a recieve only machine) and the sender is a send only

Manually delete is no problem, you also can try to use (?d) in the .stignore.

A pattern beginning with a (?d) prefix enables removal of these files if they are preventing directory deletion. This prefix should be used by any OS generated files which you are happy to be removed.

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