remove .stfolder (1)


Quick question, after moving syncthing folders around/resyncing a while back I noticed an additional folder called .stfolder (1) with DO_NOT_DELETE.txt file in it, that is newer than the .stfolder which is empty on all folders that are also synced with android.

That kind of triggers my urge no keep my folders “clean” by having two stfolders.

How can I get rid of it in a clean way? (Without completely removing the sync from all devices, deleting them and readding them)

I would appreciate any help. :slight_smile:

Not sure how it’s ended up there, but you don’t need any more copies of .stfolder. Syncthing only cares about the one folder named .stfolder exactly. You can just delete the superfluous folders using your file manager.

Alright, I deleted them. Thanks!

While I also do not know how or why a second folder was created, one might add that the sole purpose of the DONOTDELETE.txt file AFAIK is to stop certain android versions from deleting empty folders, which the .stfolder usually is.

So it is safe to remove it, but if you notice syncthing stopped working at some point, chances are that your android has an even stronger urge to keep the filesystem “clean” than you. :upside_down_face:

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Seems to be alright for now! :slight_smile:

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