Remove devices "up to date" but sync is active

How can the Remove devices have a status of “up to date” while syncronisation with one of the device folders in progess?

What is Update to date or which device is up to day?

Heres an example where I show that the folde “milkyway-inetpubv2” is syncronizing in the same moment as the remote “Milkyway” is “up to date”

I feel stupid but I cant find the right logic in this, so please bare with me. In An Intro to the GUI — Syncthing v1 documentation it’s explained very clear how the left column with folders work. And the section “Device view” also explains clearly the perspective of download and upload - but it still doesnt help me understand “Up to date”

Thx jesper

The left column shows how far your local Syncthing has accomplished getting synchronized with the culminated “global state”. The right column shows the same (but for the sum of all shared folders) for remote devices. So if a remote device has added large files for example, that one will show up as “Up to date” immediately for you, while the local folder will be syncing. If you added the file locally, it will be the other way round, until the remote device has downloaded the data from your local copy.

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Thanks @acolomb

Trying to put it into my own words:

“Folder” (left coloumn) Shows state compared to global state.

“Remote devices” (right coloumn) Shows if the local folder contains local updates that needs to be synced to the remote device - hence its in the Remote device coloumn. If the local folder contains no changes then “up to date”.

It makes sense. Still I might have to repeat it to myself 10 times and then it makes sense tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yes, that sounds correct in general.

I think it goes even one step further. Suppose some remote device X adds some large files and you have several device with varying connection speeds. Then your local device might already be in sync because it has a fast connection to get the new files. But other remotes still need to finish the download from X. Then you should see them crawl toward completion while they download stuff that your own device did not originally add. Not quite certain if it works that way though.