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Good morning, everyone,

I’m not really familiar with all these tools. Until today I was using wetransfer for my large online files but hey the link has an expiration date which comes after three days if I’m not mistaken. If you’re in the red and you can’t see through or you have other more urgent matters to deal with, it’s pretty annoying to have to ask the person to resend the file.

That’s why I’m considering tuning in. But a tapping question: Is it possible to access my sync sync folders if I connect from another computer for example?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Syncthing is not a remote access software. You can’t just start browsing your files from a remote computer.

Ok, so for example if I want to have my data on both a desktop and a laptop, I have to share all the files between the two computers, right?

Yes, both devices have to have a copy of the data.

Great. Thanks for your help.

Just to clarify a little bit, you don’t have to have all the files, you can choose to ignore certain files and folders on either side so that they don’t get synced. Read more about ignoring files in the docs.

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