Remote site is out of space, folders paused, get notification

Hello, I have site A and B. I had issue, when site B run out of space on local drive and paused all folders. On site A, folder sync status was Up to date and connected to site B.

Only after couple days i noticed that files wasn’t synced for couple days. So when i free up space on site B, sync started to work again.

Is there a way somehow to make a notification if shared folders on site B is in paused state and not syncing? Up to date status is kind of misleading, because i could still place small files on site B, which will not be replicated.

Thanks, Tadas

Folder being ‘Up to date’ is local status not remote. Remote device would have been out of sync the whole time.

Is there a way to get a status on local system, that remote is having issues?

No, this is not a monitoring system.

The only indication of that would be that the remote device (as seen locally) is not up to date, yet that can mean multiple things.

Until 0.14.40 remote devices completion wasn’t meaningful with different ignore patterns. In the upcoming version this is dealt with, so the remote completion should be a relevant status indication.