Remote shows Sync, Local shows Syncing 99% v2

Hi there,

I am using Syncthing for a while without any problems until now :frowning: My configuration is simple; I have a home NAS running a Syncthing instance and the other one installed in my PC in the office. I installed in my NAS the Syncthing app via docker, and the version was 1.4.1. I was using the portable windows version on my job’s PC. The version was 1.4.1.

Then I upgraded the one in my job’s PC to version 1.4.2, and days after that, I updated the app in my NAS to 1.4.2. But since then, the PC Syncthing instance shows up-to-date in the folder section, and the remote device (my NAS) shows 99%. When I check the same info from my NAS, I can see out-of-sync in the folder section and up-to-date in the remote device. So there is no discrepancy.

The problem is, for some reason, they are not synchronizing, and I cannot figure out why nor how I fix it. When I check the log, I can see some “permission denied” messages which are strange since I did not have these messages before the update

Please post screenshots from both sides.

This is from my NAS:

This is from my PC from my job:

It has 81 failed items, looks pretty clear why it’s out of sync?

yes, I just trying figure out why the sync process is having problems, at least there is a connection between both syncthing app so is not a connections problem. But as I mentioned before, the only different between this states and the previous one was I updated the app to version 1.4.2 in different days.

If I am not able to fix it I will start a new sync process from the scratch. It is only about 6GiB of data so not big deal actually.

Click on the “81 items” link after “failed items” and it will try to tell you.

Hi Jackob, well… the reason is clear:

It is permission issue at the NAS side :neutral_face:

I was checking my setup after that, and I do not recall that I did some changes in my setup. Where should I put my eyes?

Check that the user Syncthing is running as on the NAS has permission to access those files (and the parent directory).

Hi, I had to change many things in my NAS (Asustor). The problem started when I updated it its OS (ADM). Now Synchting is working flawlessly!

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