remote server disconnected

So I set up syncthing about a month ago and with was working fine, then a couple days ago the remote server says disconnected on both ends. No idea why, All I have done is restart the computer, which if that screws it up then this system isn’t very good. Please help. Running catalina on a mac mini and the files are supposed to be going to an external which was working just fine until a few says ago.

This usually turns out to be your firewall, but there are literally hundreds of threads with tips and debugging strategies. You could start by perusing some of them:

I appreciate the reply. It’s not my firewall seeing as though it’s off. and I can’t find anything (unless I missed something) that mirrors what is happening to me. It was working just fine then it stopped and now says disconnected. It says “last seen” and it was 3 days ago, the only thing I did was restart it. I just change settings except maybe the time between rescans. So why would it just suddenly lose connection with each other.

Those threads mention much more than firewalls, most importantly they also mention what info you should provide to get meaningful help. Nobody here is clairvoyant, you need to provide relevant information to work with.

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