"remote expects to exchange plain data" reappearing after upgrade

“remote expects to exchange plain data, but local data is encrypted (folder-type receive-encrypted)”.

I updated the (old, default Ubuntu) client and restarted, but the message comes back.

My theory is that a client is reinstating the files, or there are unencrypted files from when the destination was on an old copy, and that’s confusing it. But I don’t want to delete files yet unless I really have to because I could get confused and delete important files.

The destination doesn't have enough disk space for full testing at the moment. ((I'm working on that too. I can't tarball it because I don't have enough space to tarball in and if I mount a webdav I get i/o errors, maybe because of file properties??...) /digression

Destination Version (supposed to be encrypted): V1.23.6, Linux (64-bit InteL/AMD) Source server version: V1.23.6, macos (64-bit InteL/AMD)

This is a mismatch where one side is configured for encryption and the other isn’t. Correct the side that’s wrong.

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