Remote Devices: Syncing stuck at 99% but only on one side


My usage is syncing one folder on a remote server to an external HDD.

When running Syncthing 14.38 (Mac OS X, 64 bit), the local state is showing as Up to Date but Remote Devices is displaying as stuck on Syncing (99%, 128B).

When viewing Syncthing 14.38 (Linux, 64 bit) which is running on the server, both the local state and the Remote Devices there are both showing as Up to Date. Note that the folder type on the server is Send Only.

I suspect it is something to do with the ignore patterns but both adding and removing them on both sides doesn’t fix it so am at a loss with how to proceed.

Thanks in advance for any help / pointers.

Most likely a restart of the Mac will solve this.

The server would give you an option to override changes if it thought anything was out of date unless it is a file being ignored by the server.

Double check the ignore lists on the two nodes match. If the ignore patterns do not match on the two nodes you can expect this sort of thing.

128B feels like it could be a .DS_Store file.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The restart didn’t fix it but there was a mismatch between the ignore lists and there wasn’t a .Trashes on my side (external HDD); now all fixed and 100% Up to Date. :+1:

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