Remote devices stuck at 99%


I have three devices connected with syncthing. At one of them are the other ones showed with condition “Syncing (99%, 645kB)”. Besides this, everywhere is “Up to date” (I can see all devices at once).

I have some ignores, but they are the same on all devices. Where I can find, which file, or what, is causing this problem?

Does the Global Changes button found on the bottom r/h side of the main GUI show any relevant info?

No. I tried to restart syncthing on machine with problematic condition and only similar messages are appearing in global changes:

infime modified file daemon/3.5/daemon-5710.out.log 2017-09-09 12:49:27

There is not necessarily something wrong, this is probably related to ignores. These are not consistently marked in the index, so your local Syncthing instance may thing that the other one still needs a file, when in fact it is ignored. At least that is my hypothesis for my setup, where I have devices showing up as syncing all the time, even when actually idle.
As long as all folders on both devices are up-to-date, things should be fine.

Yes, but as far as I know, I have the same ignore setup on all devices. I may check this, but I’am 99 percent sure about it.

UPDATE> I found that such problems may be caused by different ignore patterns on different devices, but this is not this case IMHO.

Can you post screenshots from one device that is deemed ok, and from the 99% device?

Sure, here are all three.

And here is a newer one, I have made a cleanup in folders and added some new ones. Only two nodes shown.

I am pretty sure it’s because of one unshared folder or because of ignores, as the folder and file count on devices is radically different.

I guess go folder by folder and see which one is showing mismatch in counts. Agree this is not ideal, and should be improved upon, but that’s the best I can suggest for now.

I will try it. But different files counts are expected, because not all folders are shared across all three nodes.

I have kind of the same issue. The problem is that I have over 60000 files in that folder and no idea how to track the one file that is out of sync. Is there some smart way to compare file lists while taking into account the .stignore file?

After all, it was somewhere in ignore patterns. I removed all of them from all nodes and directories and now is everything in sync. 99% sure is not enough, as one can see :wink:

Sorry for disturbing here.

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