Remote Devices Disconnected.

My Remote Devices are Disconnected but same Configured & Discovered Address: tcp:// -> Configured tcp:// -> Discovered Both sides are Win7 on same local router. My firewall ports are open I think… What did I do wrong?

Check debugging section in the docs and run with STTRACE=connections and provide the logs. Also “I think” doesn’t sound reassuring, so I suggest you start there…

I am new to syncthing - so logs are areprobably a little overkill :slight_smile: Do I need the ports to be open on both sides? How would I check them?

Thank you. David.

This is something you’d have to Google sadly, as I don’t know from memory.

Hi. I used this app to check TCP:22000,UDP:21027 It says port TCP:22000 is open on both sides. Both sides show on “Remote Devices” the other side is "Syncing (0%)" While both sides on “FOLDERS” show "Up to Date" What did I do wrong?

Screenshots from both sides would be useful, with items expanded.

Thank you.

The folder ID is different on the two sides, so “Kids” is not “Kids” here. I’m not 100% sure how you got to this state - both sides should be asking if you want to add the folder created on the other side?

The solution is to remove one of the Kids folders and re-add it when prompted, or create it again manually with the same folder ID as on the other side.

Thank you - this was the problem :slight_smile: !!! It happands bicause the folders are big and are filled with the same content on both sides. When I added the folder to one side it took time to show up on the other - so - I added it manually - and by mistake forgot about the ID.

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