Remote device status on encrypted end

After my last problem has been fixed in the last rc (6, thanks again for the fast fix!) I encounter another strange thing. Scenario is as follows:

  • Trusted Devices A, B and C, Untrusted Device U, all devices on 1.15.0-rc.6
  • New Folder on Device A gets synced to B and U without Issue.
  • Now I also want to Sync that folder between B and U directly.

This does work, however the Remote Device Status on U behaves strangely: The more is synced between B and U, the less percent of sync is shown for remote Device A. When syncing is done, everything shows “up to date” except the remote device A (viewed on U) which says “syncing 0%”. The same thing occurs if I add another trusted device C to sync with U. It will also say “Up to Date” on the C side and “syncing 0%” on the U side.

After restarting the same occurs but with different devices. One device will always be “Up to Date” while the other two show “syncing”.

I’m happy to provide logs and/or file an issue on github if you with. Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the report. Remote status is broken when multiple trusted devices are connected to one untrusted device. Syncing itself should still work correctly: Remote completion on untrusted devices is incorrect · Issue #7533 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

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