Remote device connection showing disconneted

Please find the Screen shot for reference we are facing the issue to connect with remote device. After configurations its showing Disconnected!!!


The attached screenshot does not really show too much relevant information, other than that it seems to time-out when trying to look for updates. If your devices are not on the same network, this can already be an indicator of some overall connectivity issue unrelated to Syncthing.

Otherwise you’ll have to try to describe your setup a little bit better. What devices you’re using, their relative location to each other, the used versions and how you configured both devices (f.e. if you have local/global discovery enabled, changed any other default values, …). Also, make sure to accept the connection on the ‘remote device’ after adding it on the “local” device.

We configured the application in windows servers and only Local discovery is enabled.

While configuring remote device we are not getting any pop up in Remote mechine2.

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