Remote device connected but not syncing

Hello. I have syncthing running in a docker container on an installation of open media vault. On it I have 2 remote devices - an ubuntu laptop (works perfectly) and a windows 10 laptop. In the web gui here I see that the win 10 laptop is syncing, 50% complete. The shared folder reports out of sync. It last scanned a few seconds ago. No data is moving. The logs show nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can tell.

On the win 10 laptop I have synctrayzor and everything is up to date - both the shared folder and the remote device. It also has last scanned a few seconds ago.

I have destroyed and created the setup a few times - it always starts, gets to a point, and then gets stuck somewhere.

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Screenshots from both sides?

I have attached a snip of both sides.

Sorry, I can not help, only would like to tell that I have the same problem. I get an ‘Out of Sync Items’ message that will not go away. That is hard…

If you can reliably reproduce the problem, then I’d suggest you enable db and model debug logging first, and then proceed with the process leading to such a state. Then, please upload those logs here. They will definitely be helpful for the developers in debugging the issue.

One important thing to note is that the “wrong” global state on the first screenshot is for some reason exactly twice the size of the “correct” local state.

The peculariar thing here is what @tomasz86 highlighted (global/local state). And the “Surface Documents” folder on the OMV makes no sense to me: It shows items as being out-of-sync, it’s not syncing, but there are also no failed items. I don’t know any circumstances where this should be possilbe. I agree enabling model,db debug logging, then pausing and resuming that folder to trigger a pull is a good first step to look into this.

For the record, I’ve seen something like this on my systems too. It was a few months ago and not reproducible, so I couldn’t do anything then. There must exist some kind of a situation when such a thing happens though :wink:.

The nvme ssd on my install needs a firmware update. I will get back to this as soon as I get that squared away.

Anyone know how to enable that logging with the syncthing docker container? I could only figure out that out with the synctrazor and exe versions.

Ok I have enabled model and db logging. Nothing to drastic stands out in the logs. I will erase items in the destination and see what happens. I noticed right away the totals change and the log references differences but the device does not show connected. It must have some connection as it can tell something was deleted?

The windows firewall is definitely up to something. Instantly connects when disabled within the home network. Even though I added rules, I’ll report back on that tomorrow night. Still have the same 50% issue though.

I started over, deleted the .stfolders on each end and things seem to be ok now.

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