relaysrv and discosrv moved

I’ve moved the discosrv and relaysrv repos into the main syncthing repo. This gets us some better tooling, visibility and testing, not to mention version lockstep with syncthing proper.

Of course, despite planning and testing before hand I screwed up and used outdated repos for the merge base so I had to transplant som commits after the fact. I think I got this right in the end.

The build server jobs (discosrv, relaysrv) still exist and do the right thing, now out of the syncthing repo.

I’ll provide tagged releases on the old repo places (as we still link to them) together with the next Syncthing release.

All of this required some direct git repo tweaking and shouldn’t be squashed so I’ve sidestepped the PR process to be able to do it. We’ve discussed it beforehand though.

We can now reuse some scripts and infrastructure and set up auto updates, Debian package builds if we so like.


I’ve released v0.13.5 of both, which is the latest and greatest and most compatible.

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Why no more ARM builds?

I forgot to add it to the list of things to build. Open an issue and we’ll rectify it.

I’ve uploaded linux-arm packages now. They’re tagged 0.13.6 but the code is the same as it was in 0.13.5.

Perfect. Thanks.

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