Relay stats empty on

Hi, many relays are missing stats on the status page. For example, my relay at It looks like the relay is healthy, and data is being transmitted.


I see your relay with stats in there, are you in the same LAN as the relay and maybe that prevents you from loading it?

Hm. I am not in the same lan, and I do not see stats for around 1/2 of relays, not only mine.

Relay stats are gathered via a different port than the relay protocol itself, which might not be forwarded/unfirewalled in your case.

But I can access just fine. Also from another country and unrelated network.

I’ll try and check this once I am at home some point over the weekend.

By the way, avoiding swear words in the provided by would be nice.

It could be that the problem is with the browser. I have been checking it on android tablet, while now I tried the normal desktop, and I see the stats normally.

Works for me:

I have the same thing.

Have one server, opened on tcp/443 for relay and tcp/22070 for stats on one ip segment, that works great, and has stats.

However, my server on show up in relays page, but without stats. They are firewalled the same way, and I can access the status page and relay from many other hosts without problems.

The latency to the 163.172.208/20 net at online has high latency, could it be a timeout setting on the stats gatherer?

Also, that net is poorly connected now, but not disconnected. see:

Regards, Martin/NizeDK

It seems I found the solution here.

If I provide a -status-srv “x.y.z.w:22070” - it will listen, but it won’t work.

If I omit the -status-srv option, it will listen and work.

However, in both cases, browsing to ip:port/status works perfectly from everywhere.

I’d say that this is a bug.

Please see my latest comment; I should’ve replied to this post, but replied at end of thread.

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Absolutely; It’s the same IP address; I am running it on servers where that public IP is on the interface; it’s not even port forwarded.

Also, the statistics page does work from another browser (and another server with wget, and my phone’s browser). Also the relays do relay data; only thing is that it does not show up on the status page. As @op points out it might be browser related, but what made my relays work was that single change. Weird.

A ‘netstat -anp | grep LISTENING’ shows that the listening port is as expected.

The difference is the binding to specifically x.y.z.w vs binding to all interfaces. Perhaps the address you give is not the one the port forward is towards?

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