relay server ram memory usage

Hi, I am running a relay server on a machine with 2GB ram. It has been running well and relayed around 7TB since the last restart. I notice that the relay server consumes over 1GB ram, over half of the system memory. Is this a bug or a feature, and can I decrease it somehow?

Is it virtual memory (VSZ) or RSS?

Output from top or something like that would help.

This is from htop. Does it help?

That’s unexpected.

Ok this is quite a lot. It seems to be spawning an awful of lot of threads which is probably the cause. I know go spawns a thread per blocking io operation, so I suspect we are not cleaning up some io operations somewhere.

I checked your status page and it seems there are 10k routines, so we are leaking them.

If output from the relay server is saved somewhere, can you send it a SIGQUIT signal (that will make it exit and dump stacktraces) and open a github issue with the stacktraces?

If the output is not stored, then restart it with output redirected, wait a few days and do the SIGQUIT trick?

What do you mean by the output? I save stdout and stderr in a log file. Does this mean, the output is saved?

Yeah. So if you send it a SIGQUIT signal, and then open a github issue with the stacmtraces that get dumped in the log, that’d be great.

ok, I opened the issue:

Thanks for that. I’ll get it fixed.

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