relay server not obeying -global-rate anymore?


I am running a Relay Server on my home line for some months now. Recently, I noticed that it does not limit it’s traffic according to the flag -global-rate anymore. I run it within docker with these args:

/bin/strelaysrv /bin/strelaysrv -provided-by=loewefunk -global-rate=1000000

Which should limit it to 8Mbit/s, right? Yesterday, it saturated my home line for almost the full day:

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!

I don’t think any of that code has changed in like a decade.

Hm, weird. I also just checked with to find out that my relay is not bound to the string by -provided-by. I can find it via IP though. Seems to ignore all args then. Is this a known issue with docker configs? BTW: in the logs there are no errors, etc. And during startup it says:

main.go:141: strelaysrv v1.27.2 "Gold Grasshopper" (go1.21.5 linux-amd64) 2023-12-25 03:45:16 UTC [noupgrade]
main.go:147: Connection limit 838860

Not known to me, at least. I started a relay in docker now and it seems to accept parameters as expected.