$RECYCLE.BIN and System Volume Information woes


I have a sync cluster of a few devices, and was reinstalling the Windows system in the cluster. As part of that reinstall, Syncthing was completely reinstalled (and was thus a new device). I added back the drive that was previously synced with the other machines, but initially forgot to add the ignore patterns for system files (System Volume Information, etc.). As such, Syncthing synced folders and a bit of data over.

I noticed and fixed the problem, and then deleted the rogue folders from the central server. Unfortunately, now the new Windows device (despite the ignore patterns) is trying to delete $RECYCLE.BIN and System Volume Information, and failing repeatedly.

Has anyone seen this before, and does anyone have advice on how to fix this? I’m aware of the efforts to create a next-gen ignore system which deals with this, but I’m looking for a workaround that I can apply currently, if possible. Have tried deleting and readding the folder on the Windows device, but it seems to still consider the deletion as something that needs to be synced.

Do I need to reset the central server in the same way? Will the sync algorithm risk losing data in such a transition? Is there a less invasive way to skip the deletes and allow the Windows system to smoothly forget about the folders?

You don’t need any next-gen ignores for this, it just works as you did expect it to (i.e. ignored files are never deleted). You can provide us with paths and ignore patterns as a first step to investigate your problem.

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