Recursive Use of ReadDirectoryChanges ? window syncthing (

only test: use syncthing notify package (GitHub - syncthing/notify: File system event notification library on steroids.)

window operating system, when I create Y:\1006100210002\Info.… , when I create Y:\1006100210002\Info\A directory, it will trigger time, and continue to create Y:\1006100210002\Info\A\B, then the B directory event will not will trigger.

Other test data:

Sounds like a bug

Because when I was using syncthing, I found that there were files created on the window and no events were monitored, so I did a demonstration test on the notify package used by syncthing and found that I really couldn’t get the monitoring events of subdirectories or files.

my test code in github

this problem causes the file to not be uploaded in time,I really want to fix this problem, but I haven’t fixed it for a long time, can you help me solve it? Thank you so much, I’ve had a lot of headaches with this problem.

watcher_readdcw.go (17.6 KB)

brother, are you ignoring me?

We discuss things in the forum. Once consensus has been reached (“looks like a bug” or “feature XY makes sense”) it’s better to open a Github issue.

At the moment I just want to know how to solve this problem, I really don’t know how to solve this problem now.and very anxious

We don’t know either. Someone needs to debug it. The notify library is a fork of a public library, we don’t have much experience with it.

Oh, I feel so sad…

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