recovery of wrong sync data

I have my updated data in Android, and older data in laptop. However due to some stupidity, i “saved” the data on the laptop side , even though there is nothing modified that need to be “saved”, and the network between laptop to router was established, hence laptop data have overided the Latest updated data on Android device. How do i recover the overwrittened data ? I have “staggered File Versioning” .


If you have devices A and B, and A has versioning enabled, then the only things that get versioned on A is the files A had befores B updated them.

In your case, versioning is enabled on B and B updated the files, so unless there is versioning enabled on A (the mobile), there is no way to recover the files.

I am a bit confused on versioning topic. Is it that whichever device where versioning is on, anything overwritten on the device will be able to recover ?

I have versioning on for both android and laptop; the data being overwritten is on android. and android has the latest update which i need to recover… so i should look into versioning on android side ?

How to go about recovering the data ?

No, the only devices that can recover stuff are remote devices.

At the point you change a file, there is no way to go back in time locally and get it’s previous version, unless we kept duplicate copies of all data all the time.

Remote devices get notified about a new version of the file, and can save a copy of the previous version before downloading the new version.

From your description it should be on android.

I have looked into android device, which is the one you suggested to look into… and indeed I browsed with file manage and i noticed a file named:

journal.sync-conflict-20200918-182911-FXDRMLE.txt and inside indeed got the data that i need to recover. Wonderful.

However i would like to clear my confusion. I saw the confict file in the folder where my journal file is located, it is just the duplication of the my journal file that i needed.
Since the conflict file is located in the same folder as my journal.txt folder, it appears on both android hp and laptop as well (because it is in the synced folder). Why did you asked me to look into Android for it ? is there something else i should be looking for ?

Yes, indeed android (remote device) has created a new version of the conflicted file. Should i rename the “new version file” , delete it after copy the content that i needed or just leave it there after copying out the content ? Does it matter ? will syncthing continue to spread the file thinking it was accidentally deleted.


Conflicts and versioning are different things. In this case it just conflicted (because I assume it started with an empty database), so it actually didn’t get versioned, it just conflicted, in which case it would be available on all devices.

You can resolve the conflict manually, keeping whichever version of the file you want, once you’ve done that it should no longer propagate the previous versions of the file.

It there any documentation explains detaily on the issue “conflict and versioning” i still don’t know what is the different and in what situation will one or another happen.

Check the documentation website

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