Reconnect Folder after share drive reattached

One of my node has encrypted folders, when node restarts I need to manually enter password to enable shares. During this time syncthing show folders as “Stopped” which is fine, because they are not accessible. Would it be possible to periodically check if the folder is back online and attached it back to syncthing? At the moment I have to manually hit “Rescan All” to get it back to work. I assume I can fix this with changing rescan interval from 0 to something else, but that’s not what I want to do. This is a readonly node, hence the reason for rescan=0 to minimise load on a not very powerful machine.

Indeed the periodic check is done when the folder is scanned. By disabling scans you’ve disabled that, as you noticed. Perhaps you can have a script cause the rescan when the folder is mounted?

On the other hand I think it would make sense to do the check when we want to pull changed files but the folder is stopped, too.

Well I see a difference in mounting a folder to syncthing and rescanning it. What I’m saying is that I’d like a periodic check to mount folder back to syncthing, but no need to rescan, because rescan is disabled. Does it make sense? The thing is rescanning takes around an hour only to mount the folder and tell me that there is nothing to hash :wink: (because it is ready only node)

Yes, that would make sense. Mind filing an issue for it on GitHub?

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