Reciprical Sharing Between Multiple Machines

I’m going to try and be as succinct as possible, but advanced apologies if this turns hairy.

I have several machines on which I would like to keep a number of folders in sync. For simplicity let’s say one of them is /sync_folder all machines.

When I’m on machine-A, I tell it to share the folder with machine-B, and machine-C. It does this, and the next time on on machine-B or machine-C, I’m asked if I’d like to accept the share. Okay!

What’s unclear to me is whether (when accepting the share on machine-B, say) I have to set it to share that folder with machine-C, and likewise on machine-C to machine-B. In other words, does accepting the share from machine-A automatically mean changes on machines A, B, and C, are always shared between each other, no matter which one made the changes? Or do I have to explicitly set it to share the folder with those other machines when accepting the share.

Phew. Okay that paragraph sucked, but I can’t put it any better :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need to connect every device with one another, e.g. it’s perfectly fine to do

A ⟷ B
A ⟷ C

but skip

B ⟷ C

However, this will mean that if A is down, then no changes will be synced between B and C. If you want for the synchronisation to work without A too, then you do need to explicitly share the folder between B and C (unless you use the Introducer feature, which does it automatically).

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That’s exactly what I needed to know, thank you!

I’ve shared them all manually this time, but will look into the introducer feature.

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