receive only share wants to share with other devices

I have a strange problem, which I don’t understand. I share send onlya folder from my desktop sysiphus to receive only,dietpi, aquaris phone and sony phone. Both android. It seems that dietopi will share the folder, but is it

I have deleted the folder on dietpi, to radd them.

As you see, the folder should only be synced between sysiphus and dietpi. A few minits later, the other devices added automatically to the dietpi share.

Can someone explain me this behaivior? I don’t understand it and sharing would never be possible between dietpi and aquaris.

dietpi and sysiphus on 0.14.54 - android aquaris and sony on latest android version from f-droid store 0.10.15 thanks Micha

You most likey have introducer enabled somewhere.

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You are right, solves my issue.

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